Soo, Patrick here already had a PS3 upstairs…well actually, let’s back it WAYYY up…Patty here, bought a PS3 when they first came out…but then decided he wanted a Wii instead! Soo, my cousin buys a Wii and gets him to trade for it…dumb, I know! (jk pat!) THENNN, he realizes how awesomely great the PS3 is and decides he needs one!! So, finally convices the wife to let him buy ANOTHER one. THEN, he buys a new, bigger tv. The old tv gets moved upstairs, eventually so does the PS3. The one upstairs is for when our inner rockstar wants to come out in play, the tv downstairs is mainly for watching tv/movies. So, Patty decides he needs one for downstairs as a bluray player! BUT the wife puts down her foot and says no way! Soo, patty comes up with this great idea of asking everyone for a besybuy gift card for Xmas! The wife approves. AND I…decide giving him his giftcard in my old ps3 box could be funny… And of course it was, because he really thought I got him a ps3! Ha! Ohh and the story behind the price tag…this year everyone decided to leave the price tags on!!…by accident of course!
Video Rating: 3 / 5