www.nma.tv A low-carb diet craze swept Norway this year, driving up butter consumption by 30 percent in November. But now Christmas is here, and Norway has run out of butter. How will grandma bake her krumkake? Norway is one of the richest countries in the world and they are willing to pay for their butter fix. The price of butter spiked at 80 Euros a kilo on auction sites. A Russian butter smuggler was caught trying to bring in 90kg of contraband butter. While butter conglomerate TINE offered excuses, the truth is Norway’s neighbor Denmark is a plentiful butter producer. If imported butter were not kept out of Norway by protectionist trade policies, Norwegians would not be faced with a butterless Christmas. A Danish morning show is donating 1000 packets of butter to Norwegians to help out in this time of crisis.
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