56+ minutes of cute, funny, and random haikus. I wanted to finish this months ago but my Japanese was too weak and I had to “power up” so to speak. While I know that not everyone will appreciate this, I truly loved the themes and stories contained in these brief songs and wanted to share them with others who might also be moved by them. Listening to this song always makes me happy! I’m still learning but I hope I have done a decent job. I truly felt that the best way I could thank Daniwell for making such amazing music is to translate this work and share it with as many people as possible. I will add timecode links to specific songs to the infobox soon. I tried to make this translation as smooth as possible but I will gladly take comments and upload another version if people want to offer comments or advice. Here are timecodes to go to your favorite parts: Alone, Together 0:07 / A New Family 1:02 / Chirori Chocolate 1:59 / Good Luck Charm 2:55 / Waking Up Is Different Due to the Season 3:52 / Do-Re-Mi-Fa Is That Way 4:48 / A Little Dream 5:45 / Flavor 6:41 / An Uncrossable Barrier 7:38 / Afutaafuwafutaa 8:34 / Rainy Morning 9:31 / Snow Country Christmas 10:27 / From Amazon 11:24 / Starry Sky Majolica 12:20 / Pond Snail 13:16 / Tomorrow Will Be More Delicious 14:13 / That Guy in the Birthday Seat 15:09 / I Wanna Stay Home! 16:06 / Message 17:02 / Eating Chiffon Cake Together 17:59 / Rarapippo 18:55 / Your Distance 19:52 / Four Kitty Cats 20:48 / Best Friends 21:45