www.pamsdogacademy.com http Isabelle’s newest trick is to sneeze on cue. The verbal cue for it is: Do you smell a skunk? It took a long time to capture this trick and then it took awhile to get it under a verbal cue. If she does not need to sneeze she will just shake her head as if she sneezed. It is funny! We are also working on her standing and walking on her hind legs while being supported since she does weigh 59 pounds. I do not want to risk any injuries. If you watch the video you will see that sometimes I get so excited that I will click and say yes at the same time. I do not advise to make this a habit. ­čÖé However, Isabelle seems to work harder when she gets a lot of praise (well and yummy food)! I do not work with her as much as I should as my border collie seems to get more attention. Usually Isabelle would rather sleep than work on tricks and play. Well, she does really like her morning walks! However, I will be working with Isabelle more. My new years resolution is to work with Isabelle as much as I work with Bandit. Clicker training is amazing and I am so happy that I crossed over! The best choice of my & my dogs life! Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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