The great Elio Pace and Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May perform for the first time togetherlive on ‘Weekend Wogan’ BBC Radio 2 on Sunday, August 15th 2010. And thanks to a little inside help, here’s the story behind this amazing coupling and monstrous performance: Brian May was on this week’s show to promote his and the fantastic Kerry Ellis’ new album. During the rehearsal the day before (which is where they all met for the first time), after Brian and Kerry had finished rehearsing their three songs with Elio and the band, Elio started to work on his three songs for the show, the first being ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ by The Spencer Davis Group. Brian hung around to watch Elio rehearse and about a minute into Elio’s first run-through, Brian jumped back on stage, picked up his guitar and (to Elio’s obvious delight) couldn’t resist joining in. When they came to the end of that run-through, Brian, being the true Gent that he always comes across as, had the decency to ‘ask’ Elio if he could join in on the number for the show the next morning. Elio didn’t need asking twice and was understandably completely blown away (as is evident in the video) by the compliment just paid to him by one of the world’s most famous and brilliant guitarists. The compliments didn’t stop there either. Immediately after the show on the Sunday, Brian and Kerry asked Elio if he, along with his bass player Neil Fairclough and the EP Singers, Kirstie Roberts, Sue Acteson and Niamh McNally (who was