See more Honey Consistency: The Brit Who Stole Christmas – A Honey Consistency Christmas special T’was the evening before Christmas and all through the apartment, not a being was clothed, they were nothing but undergarments The tree was crap, as were the decorations. But under the bush lye presents for donation. They may not have had money, they may not have had style…But the size of their hearts was the length of a mile. You see, the unwealthy duo would combine their dough to buy gifts for the poor who had no place to go. Closer to morning, the clock tocked and ticked. Then a sound from the chimney…Could it be saint nick? His name was not nick and he sure wasn’t a saint, he charged for the presents without any restraint! With gifts in sight and sweat on brow, he yelled out to all “My name is Simon Cowell!” He grabbed all the goodies, slurped down the cookies and milk. Then out the window he went without one ounce of guilt. Early in the morn, the two boys arose, only to see no presents down by their toes. I don’t know why presents would be at their toes, but I am running out of rhymes, so keep my business away from your nose! The boys began to sob, just like two b*tches. Crying out, “Now the poor can’t get their wishes!” Although a Christmas for the poor turned out fowl, one brit was made VERY happy, his name was Simon Cowell! The story is over, there is no moral or lesson to be told…Who gives a crap?! We all have presents to hold! Read by: Daniel
Video Rating: 4 / 5