2012.10.31 – Chris Tucker on what made Michael Jackson laugh (The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, 97.9 The Beat) TRANSCRIPT: Q – What was it like, man, to be Michael Jackson’s friend? Chris – It was incredible, man. It was like… He was like a modern day King, man. And he was the nicest guy ever, man. And he was a… He was a friend of mine and, you know, of course I was a fan of his. I grew up being his fan. And he was just… He.. He… My biggest moment with Michael when I made him laugh. And I didn’t even know…. He would just laughing. Q – What kind of… What kind of stuff he’d be laughing? Chris – He would just laugh to the way I talk, cause I guess he thought I was country. He said… And he would say my name like “Chri” “Chri” “How many ??? i did jokes Michael?” Q – So you ??? back on it? Chris – Oh no no I was scared, thrown me out of Neverland. I wanted to stay at Neverland. I was like “Uh”. (Who wants to thrown out of Neverland!) Chris – He changed my name, he started call me Christmas. It’s that I didn’t know who he was talking about. “Hey Christmas” “So who are you talking about? What Michael? What.. what is wrong with him?” “I’m talking about you, your name sounds like Christmas. It’s beautiful. You should keep it.” Mike was a genius man. Q – So when you hang around, would there a bunch of people around you, or was I just you and Mike time? Chris – It would… It would be just me and Michael cause most of the time, Yeah, I would catch up with him. You know
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