www.youtube.com Click here to watch Call of Duty vs Battlefield Rap Battle by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Battlefield 3 Rap – Noob Killer! by BrySi (Battlefield 3 Musical Machinima) Battlefield 3 is a great game. I hope this song helps you enjoy it even more. If you liked this video, share it via Twitter / Facebook / Reddit by clicking here – www.brysi.com Remember to answer the “Question Of The Day” – which game is more realistic – COD or Battlefield, and feel free to give examples. GET THIS SONG AND OTHER AWESOME VIDEO GAME MUSIC ON ITUNES: itunes.apple.com You might as well watch all of my other Machinima content too: www.youtube.com Much love to the following people that made this possible: – LEXlBANKS from Soundclick for the audio / instrumental (lease purchased) – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com LYRICS – I’m a noob killer, noob killer Battlefield 3, roll the dice, pull the trigger Noob killer, up all night playing Battlefield 3 this is the life of a noob killer, noob killer, noob killer I’m a noob killer, I got my recon class You will never see me coming, sniper rifle on my back Pull the trigger, pop shots, my enemies drop They send me voicemails “brysi please stop” Battlefield 3, the best you’ve ever seen The graphics in this game will have you feeling like a dream Like you’re david after dentist saying is this real life You even feel the pain when I cut you with my knife I first played the
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