The lads are at the British embassy in an un-named city in central Africa. The embassy is under siege from locals and the staff are preparing to evacuate. While Oz & Hazel are “shagging” there’s an explosion and Oz is injured by some shrapnel in his bum. Four months later he rejoins the lads in Vientiane in Laos. Oz meets Neville & Dennis outside the embassy and notices it’s Australian. Dennis explains that they’re on secondment. He meets the rest of the lads and apart from Bomber who it’s said is still in Arizona with his new family. Moxey has a girlfriend, an Australian called Elena. Barry has a heart to heart with Oz and reveals he has reconsilded with his ex-wife Tatiana. He has booked them in on the Orient express. Dennis reads out a letter he received from Bomber to the lads. He says he will not be re-joining them. Then Moxey tells them he’s going to emigrate to Australia with his girlfriend. Neville books himself on the orient express to go with Barry, then Barry reveals to the rest of the lads his reconciliation with Tatiana. As a farewell from the Australian embassy, the Aussies take on the Brits in a drinking darts game. Barry meets up with his ex-wife who reveals she’s pregnant. The rest of the lads wonder off into Bangkok. Barry meets Neville at the station for the orient express, he tells Neville about Tatiana being pregnant. On the train they bump into Tarquin Pearce from the Cuban embassy. Oz, Dennis, Moxey and Wyman are in a sports bar and it hits Oz that