Taken from Old VHS Tapes. From Pinocchio’s Christmas and The Smurfs Christmas. 1. Real Ghostbusters Toys (That’s a big Twinkie) 2. Power Wheels (I think my brother has an old power wheels jeep) 3. Honey Nut Cherrios (It it just me, or does this ad look really old?) 4. Lenscrafters (I think my glasses came from them) 5. Teddy Ruxpin (BOW!) 6. Sunny Delight (Your life still sucks) 7. Toys R’ Us (Fear the Walrus!) 8. Yo Creme (It can’t be that good) 9. Legoland Kings Castle (I have seen far too many legos in my life) 10. Pound Puppy Newborns (The Bone of Scone) 11. Three’s Company Promo (Looks Funny) 12. Marshalls (SHOES!) 13. Lionel Kiddie City (OH. MY. GOD. Take me to your leader!) 14. Leave it to Beaver (With a Twilight Zone theme) 15. Museum of Photography (The guy in this looks like Tim Curry) 16. NERF (Kid, you have issues) 17. Pound Puppy’s (I like hush Puppies better) 18. baby talk (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) 19. My Little Pony n’ Friends Promo (It’s no “Friendship is Magic”, that’s for sure) 20. The Smurfs will return (Yaa daa, yaa daa) 21. Sponsored By Mcdonalds (It’s a good time) 22. Mcdonalds: Great Basketball Playoffs (Puns Galore!) 23. 7-UP: Elves (Use The Force!) 24. we now return (joy) 25. we will be back (Did you notice? The text is missing) 26. 7-UP Poster (I think I saw one of these last year) 27. Oreo (A real touching classic) 28. Friday Night Videos Promo (Heh?) 29. Saturday Night Live Promo (What is this doing here?) 30. Alf Hosts
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