This is a funny video of our cute little twin boys as they hear Daddy do something very strange and the Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze (aka twins make fun of their dad’s sneeze)… So our video of the twins went viral this week on Yahoo and Stupid Videos! The sad thing is, it wasn’t actually our video of “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze”. Someone hijacked the vid! They’re totally claiming them as their own ;-( That’s pretty silly. But we’re also happy, because it means the twins are making people happy around the world! Catch more vids of the twins on our channel. Thanks for watching… What do you think… as cute as the talking twin babies part 2? other vid: “twin baby boys have a conversation part 2.” or twin boys. Twins mimic daddy’s sneeze or “twins make fun of daddy’s sneeze” Ok so maybe we love our little twins baby boys a little too much? AKA Twins make fun of their dad’s sneeze. This is the Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze the original video.