Breasts are not just for feeling up anymore! Faux Baby. Fake baby. Real drama. For More Check Out: www.Strike.TV Ambivalent about parenthood? Longing for onesies yet terrified of turning into your mother? Take a trial run with Adam, your Faux Baby. Adam coos, he cries, he eats, he wets. He’ll win your heart even as he destroys your life. Madeline and Harry take a temporary plunge into parenthood when Madeline’s therapist gives her a Faux Baby. Madeline wants this to be a real test of their parenting,she wants it to bring her and Harry closer together, she wants to raise the perfect fake baby, she wants… she wants… Oh, hell, by day three all she wants is a good night’s sleep. And Harry? He’s kinda freaked to see his wife bonding with seven pounds of plastic. Faux Baby. No epidural necessary!