First up, something fishy’s going on over at Paramount. The studio has suddenly decided to push the next GI Joe movie back nine months in order to convert it to 3D. At least that’s the official story. And while it’s true that 3D releases can make more money by charging higher ticket prices, it’s strange for such a decision to be made following weeks of hype. I mean we’ve already seen trailers, stills and posters. Could it be that Paramount just doesn’t have faith that Retaliation can hold its own against a crowded summer roster that includes The Avengers, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises? I guess we won’t know until 2013 when the 3D conversion is done. Next up, are we about to see a ban on sales of the XBOX 360 in the US? It’s quite possible if the International Trade Commission decides that Microsoft has been infringing on Motorola’s wi-fi and video codec technology. The popular gaming console has already faced a ban in Germany over the issue, but a state-side ban would pretty much end the platform. Even crazier, the final decision could be made by President Obama…you know, cause he’s not busy with other things. Before this gets too out of control, we’d like to point out that the XBOX 360 has been on the market since 2005 so unless the upcoming 720 infringes on the same patents, a ban might not be that big a deal for Microsoft. What do you guys think? To ban or not to ban? That’s the question. And finally, Megan Fox has sparked rumors
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