Found this tiny little crying kitty all alone in the cold, blinded by a goopy infection. i brought him in and his whole life turned around. Watch as he grows and gets better 🙂 Thanks everyone for viewing 🙂 i made this a year ago hoping it may at least get 100 views and i can’t believe today it’s hit 100000! I made the video to show the true effects irresponsible pet owning. My neighbor years ago let their un-neutered cat roam wild and she of course eventually got pregnant, and then had her babies in the wild. Eventually her babies had babies, and her babies’ babies had babies, and soon there was a whole overwhelming cat colony, circulating horrible diseases, viruses, and all ridden with fleas, ticks, and worms (and this was the point when i moved next door). As just a kid i couldn’t bare to see all of them live like that next door, and i really couldn’t bare to see them trying to survive the winters, especially kittens 🙁 The neighbors, an elderly couple who didn’t know how to take care of the situation they created, at least fed the cats, so as a kid i would at least help feed them, and give them warm wet food in the winter, but later i finally realized how i could REALLY help, and have been finding ways to give them medicine and get them fixed or find them homes for the past 4 years. Finally after all the hard work, the colony has dropped from over 20, to now only 2 male cats who are doing well. I could have just called the shelter but i know they would have just put