Eminem: Not Afraid to get really pissed! Watch the Comments Video HERE: www.youtube.com Subscribe! www.youtube.com — Written and Performed by Mark Douglas Directed by Tom Small LYRICS I’m not afraid to piss and moan About my feelings and how I’ve grown I’ve got no sense of humor about myself But I take shots at everyone else I’m like a kid and god forbid People call be out on stupid things that I did Damn. It’s really bright up here. I guess I shoulda brought some sunglasses. If I knew we were shooting a video outside Now some of you might be on your roof talking to your self too. But your not famous rappers, so no one cares. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going downstairs. You can try to throw away my lyric sheets before I can read em Ha! too bad I got em memorized I don’t even need em Yeah I still got homophobic rhymes but you can’t get upset Cus that fag Elton John and I once did a duet To my fans, I apologize for ruining your life I’ll get back to writing songs about murdering my wife He spits his lines in perfect time without any rehearsin’ Sometimes he rhymes about himself in the third person His rapping is hilarious or completely serious And if you make fun of him then he will get frikkin furious Cus he can dish it out but he just can’t take it Like a baker who hates cake, but always bakes it Who’s this dude looking at me? He looks just like me He’s clocking me mocking me, I think he wants to fight me Ow, I tried to hit the man but he broke my hand and then he ran
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