Hi there! Cullen’s Abc’s ( cullensabcs.com ) prepares children everywhere for school and life for free! Watch all the free Children’s Videos, Activity Idea Videos and Review Videos ( www.youtube.com ) Request a personalized video ( cullensabcs.com ) Learn about the free Online Preschool ( online-preschool.cullensabcs.com ) Checkout Cullen’s iPhone/iPad apps ( cullensabcs.com ) & DVD’s ( cullensabcs.com ) Become a Facebook Friend ( www.facebook.com ) & follow Cullen on Twitter ( twitter.com ) The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song is a popular English nursery rhyme. Rhymes are central to building children language skills. Like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, many rhymes and songs are rhythmic and the language is often repetitive, which helps toddlers build their language skills. Using hand and facial actions with music and rhymes help toddlers identify words more easily eg ‘clap your hands’. The best thing about rhymes is that they are free, and can be done anywhere and at anytime!. Remember to sing along with your child!
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