Destructoid Episode #161: Assassins Creed Revelations multiplayer beta is coming in September – but only to the PS3. Skyrim’s dark elves have been revealed, the 3DS is discounted NOW at some stores, and Bungie’s new game – all this and more on Destructoid! 01:38 – 3DS 0 right now at Target and WalMart Despite launching at the same price the 3DS launched at, the PlayStation Vita is being pressured by pundits and analysts to lower its price. Sony’s Kaz Hirai stated last week that the Vita would retain its 0 price point, but for some, that isn’t good enough. (Jim Sterling) 04:25 – Assassins Creed Revelations Beta Coming to PS3 in September Sorry about the Ass Creed bit. I can only fit so much in the headline bar. Ubisoft has just announced that PlayStation 3 owners will get their hands on Assassin’s Creed Revelation’s multiplayer. Kind of. From September 3-11, only PlayStation Plus members and Uplay members will get exclusive access to the multiplayer beta. (Dale North) 05:58 – Capcom not done with Mega Man Yet With Mega Man Legends 3 canceled and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lacking the blue bomber, it’s been assumed by most that the franchise is officially dead. Capcom, however, has attempted to give hope to the masses, assuring fans that the series is still important and not finished yet. (Jim Sterling) 06:45 – First Look at Skyrim’s Dark Elf Bethesda has revealed the first screenshot for The
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