World’s Best FPV Easystar Video! Live video feed, video from onboard camera gets transmitted in real time to the video goggles. FPV= abbreviation for “First Person View” For insane “Flying Wing” videos go to “Nastycop420” and “Gabriel2584”. If there is a better Multiplex Easystar FPV vid I will change the title immediately! Compilation of my first 8 flights or approx. 1,3 flight hours. I did not build in the current sensor. Running the FPV gear with the flight battery. Recording with EasyCap USB adapter and Notebook, compressing with Xvid. Setup: Modified Multiplex Easystar: Ailerons, Brushless motor Turnigy C2409- 1600 KV ESC NoName or Turnigy, 30A Prop 7×6 2x Multiplex Tiny S 2x GWS Mini Kokam 2100 H5 30C 11,1V 3s Thunder Tiger ACE TG6000 Gyro on elevator Graupner/JR MX-16s 40 Mhz Graupner/JR SMC-16 Scan PCM receiver: 3685m antenna Detrum 9g Pan servo FPV setup: Fat Shark RCV922 Aviator Edition with strong TX Black Stork OSD AUW: approx. 915 g Weight FPV gear: approx.115 g Thrust: approx. 700 g Flight time: 15- 20 min. Stall speed: 20-25 km/h Top speed: 90 km/h
Video Rating: 4 / 5