–Show Some Love And Leave A Like– My Twitter: twitter.com Map Download: www.minecraftforum.net Wulfenhowl: www.youtube.com Spaffle: www.youtube.com Challenges: 1) Make a two-story house with a basement 2) Make a wheat farm (DONE) 3) Make a sugar-cane farm 4) Make an automated cacti farm 5) Make twenty bookshelves 6) Find the dungeon (DONE) 7) Make a diamond block 8) Make a gold block 9) Make an iron block 10) Make five TNT 11) Go to the nether 12) Make an dungeon trap 13) Get a stack of glowstone dust 14) Make a red brick fire-place (with netherrack) 15) Make three cakes 16) Make a Jukebox and play a disc 17) Make a minecart system 18) Make seven mushroom stew 19) Make a mob trap involving dispensers (can be made as dungeon trap) 20) Make a set of iron armour 21) Make a glass green house 22) Make a pink sheep 23) Make a green sheep 24) Make a bow and one stack of arrows 25) Kill a creeper with your hands (DONE) 26) Make a clock 27) Get ten cooked pork from setting pigs on fire 28) Acquire twenty cooked fish 29) Make an infinite water source 30) Make a set of diamond tools 31) Make a set of iron tools 32) Make a set of stone tools 33) Find Eric’s grave 34) Find Eric’s chest 35) Find Eric’s underground house 36) Make a compass 37) Craft four pieces of wool 38) Grow grass using bone-meal (DONE) 39) Make a piano song with a minimum of eight note blocks 40) Smelt sixty-four smooth stone 41) Make a drop-shaft 42) Make half a stack of charcoal (NOT COAL!) 43) Grow five dark