Nick: Hello? ??: Nick! Thank god your ok! Nick: Selena? Selena: No.its the easter bunny.of course its me! Do u wanna goto the movies tonight? nick: of course. Selena: Okay. *they hang up* Nick: it was selena.she invited us to go to the movies. Kevin: okay. Joe: Lets go swimming. Everyone: Okay. Amanda: Me and kevin are gonna read. Joe: Suit yourself. *everyone goes upstairs and gets their bathing suits on. Then they all meet out by the pool.* Meaghan: I think im gonna relax a little bit. Nick: please come in.*gives puppy dog face* Meaghan: Fine Lets do a cannonball contest! Joe: im going first!!WATCH THIS! *runs and jumps off the diving board doing a cannonball.* Jess: Thats nothing watch this! *runs and does a perfect dive off the diving board. Then she comes up* Joe: That was awesome! Meaghan: Yeah! Watch this! *does a backflip off the diving bored.* Nick: WOAH!! Joe: THAT WAS AWESOME!! Jess: YEAH!WERE’D YOU LEARN THAT?? Meaghan: At camp they had a pool, so i experimented and i taught myself.*smiles* Nick: that was amazing *kisses her cheak* Meaghan: *blushes* Thanks. Joe: *rolls his eyes.* Lets do something. Meaghan: Wanna play catergory? Everyone: sure! Meaghan: Who’s it? Everyone but meg: NOT IT!! meaghan: Thanks guys.*gets out of the pool* The catergory is colors. Joe: *wispers* Whats yours? Jess: Blue. Nick: green. How about you? Joe: red. Meaghan: ORANGE? *Listens for sounds* PURPLE? RED? *then she hears the water move so she turns around and sees joe swimming. So
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