PDF full tutorial: tinyurl.com Code: tinyurl.com Want to earn while just posting videos? Just download this application form: tinyurl.com And set to moneymakers@hotmail.com or visit our site moneymakers.net We will choose applicants at the end of every month. The idea for a robot boat was born on an expedition to a lake in the north Italian Alps that was 7500 ft (2300m) above sea level. The diving site was totally unknown to us, and I assume that we were the first people to carry 100-pound diving equipment on our backs to that altitude and go diving. We had no data about the depth of that lake, and because I am a very curious person, I wanted to know in advance what the dive had in store for us. So I took a sonar with me, mounted it on a body board, and swam crisscross around the lake to see what depths were below the surface. In principle, this method worked fine, but swimming in a lake with a water temperature of 4°C is no fun, even with a 1/4″ (7mm) neoprene diving suit. Good Luck! Feel free to comment!