Since I was three, I’ve been practicing gymnastics and contortion. In many competitions I’ve captured first place. Vinny knows this too well as he’s been to almost every single one of them. But it never hurts to mess around. It’s the only time that I don’t feel inferior to anyone, I feel extraordinary. I nodded at his suggestion and hauled myself out of the pool as well. I’ve taught Vinny a few moves that he was capable of handling, but I was far beyond him. I stood behind him as he did little pieces of fluff to ‘raise his score.’ He attempted a cartwheel and executed flawlessly off the end and into the water. He surfaced and shook his short hair out, sprinkling me with droplets. “Beat that,” he laughed. I laughed, too, because I knew I could. I rose my hands above my head, focusing on what I was about to do. I did my hurdle, then a round-off back handspring off the end of the diving board. The water consumed me as I propelled myself to the surface. I dusted off my shoulders as Vinny was waiting at the diving board. He attempted to do a round-off with an added… jump. If you could call it that. His face was indescribable though. I knew that was the extent of his tricks, so I decided to crush him. I pointed my toe at the very back of the diving board. I hurdled to the very end and punched my legs into the end and did a front tuck dive into the water. I emerged from the water and laughed to myself silently. I climbed up the ladder and stood next to him. He was just staring
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