Civil War Questline (IMPERIAL) Ep. 1- Say NO to drugs I know I didn’t talk very loud, Shush. My Dad thought this was pretty funny, so.. hey! Skyrim is Copyrighted Bethesda Software, Bethesda Studios 1995-2012. No copyright infringment intended. Music is copyright 19??-2012 SEGA and Sonic Team. Mods I use and other mods (You can find these on or Steam Workshop) (I got mixed up, lol): Dawnguard BB Luxury Suite Apachii Skyhair Personalized Music Footprints Better Embers Cyan Daedric Armor Followers Keep Up High Res Texture Pack (Official DLC) Lush Grass and Trees Shor’s Stone with a Stone Tails the Fox Follower Unofficial Dawnguard Patch Alternate Sunglare Better Dynamic Snow CBBE Curvy Edition Enhanced Distant Terrain Kerplunk Killerkeo’s Skimpy Pack (WIP) Lush Trees Space Core mod Reduced Distance NPC Greetings Terrain Bump That’s Ice Vibrant Auroras WATER Water FX-Get Wet Bandolier Bags ‘n’ Pouches The Autumn of Whiterun Throwing Knives True Skyrim (What’s this? I don’t know.) See You Sleep Dovahkiin Relaxes Too Dragon Nests Follower Wander 2 Light and Spell Changes Longer Dragon Battles 4X Mega Dragons Multiple Followers LITE Stronger Alduin The Paarthurnax Dilemma Crowded Cities Divine Punishment for Mention of Arrows to the Knee (I HATE THAT JOKE) Diving Board Spend Dragon Souls on Perks Lighten Up Pickpocket Always Works Steal From Children Get Drunk Bat Cave Destructible Bottles Quest-No Stone Unturned Map Markers Rainbows Shooting Stars
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