Really long video of us riding Angeles Crest Highway (Highway 2). Had a lot of fun running from Lady L. A few scary moments for both of us off vid… I won’t waste time with details here. If it isn’t on video, it may as well have never happened. Although I will be posting a vid soon of the minor damage to my bike after hitting a large rock while pushing her thru the twisties. Memory card full sucks when you where that close to an off. Damn her extended v-log footage! That footage to be posted soon. Main this is no crash today ­čÖé Our bikes are both 2009 Yamaha’s. Her’s is a Sexy white/red R6. Mine is a Beastly Raven R1. Camera is a GoPro Hero HD. Numerous rocks on the road graciously provided by Mother Nature. Her way of saying…..take it to the track!!! Thanks for reading my BS and hopefully making it thru the entire freakin’ video. Speed safe!
Video Rating: 4 / 5