www.unitriders.com http www.facebook.com Welcome to “Schuieville”! For almost a decade, Australian FMX legend Matt Schubring has worked hard to create unique ride locations and opportunities for himself, and the up-and-coming Aussie riders. Constructing the very first foam pit in Australia, some of the biggest natural terrain jumps this country has ever seen and testing his ground-breaking “10 Pack” freestyle course, Schuie was always the first guy to step up and push the limits of what could be done on a bike. His motivation, skills and ride locations have shown many more Australian riders the path to successful careers in FMX. To pay tribute to Schuie and all he has done for Australian FMX, we prepared this special video to relive some of the great memories, epic ride sessions, huge crashes and infamous film shoots that have gone down over the years. Featuring 8 years of evolution, a handful of the world’s best FMX and MX riders, 3 amazing ride spots and a lifetime supply of gasoline, this is the “Best Of Schuieville”. Shop Online: www.unitriders.com Executive Producer Unit Apparel Co. Producer: Allan Hardy Filming: Allan Hardy Bali Strickland Crusty Demons Music: “Because Of All” Comeback Kid www.comeback-kid.com Victory Records “Addicted” Bliss N Eso http Illusive Music
Video Rating: 4 / 5