Hi guys, REALLY REALLY sorry bout the late upload, ive been really busy trying to clean my pc, fix it and 100 other things. This is the whole video of Crusty Demons of dirt 15 Blood Sweat & fears” ive just had to split it up into 5 parts because of youtubes 15min video time limit. Ive been away for a while because google messed with all my accounts and i lost this one ­čÖü but im back now and ready to go ­čÖé Please feel more that happy to rate, comment and subscribe to me. I would really appreciate it. Please also feel more than happy to go to my channel, leave a comment, and just watch some vids and hang around, send me a message if you want, weather you want more BMX, FMX, Monster trucks…etc. Im going to be uploading TONS of BMX videos they r just going to be a bit slow. Im trying to work on some Drag racing clips and Montser Truck clips. Im really hoping i can start up this account and hopefully form a partnership with youtube. I havent been totally focused on this account for a while but now im here its all good. ENJOY URESELF!!!!!!! have fun AND HAPPY EASTER