The video is doing well on Reddit, I’m thankful for the person who put it there and the people checking out my channel: I usually use this as an outro. But I have a lot of people asking me where it is….and they can’t find it because it’s always at the end of other videos. So here it is by itself. Feel free to share it or show it around…..I think this video has a small chance of going viral. *knock on wood* And in response to the two main hater comments I get: “You ran away like a bitch after throwing the garbage!” Well what was I supposed to do….ride along beside the car waiting to see if they rammed me off the road? “That’s dangerous they could have rammed/shot/nuked you! You’re stupid!” That’s probably the same thing that every coward thinks when they see someone doing something bad/wrong.
Video Rating: 4 / 5