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“XMAS and New Years Eve” Whereiscliffy’s photos around Ko Samui, Thailand (new year in koh samui)

Preview of Whereiscliffy’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Ko Samui, Thailand Entry Title: “XMAS and New Years Eve” Entry: “It’s been along time since I recorded what I’ve been up to – to me it seems like years. I’m sure you are all aware of the Tsunami that hit devasted many countries which, to be honest set a depressive mood for New Years Eve – and several days after that. Christmas day itself was OK by Thai standards – it was baking hot which was strange enough! Having woke up at about midday from a very drunk XMAS eve party we all stuggled down to the local town of Tonsala to have our british Turkey dinner – boy was I looking forward to it! Just before heading out, Glen and Richard gave us a surprise visit and joined us for XMAS dinner. Tonsala was packed full hungry bellies and you could smell the turkey in the air – unfortunate for us, Vantana’s restaurant was fully booked, which is not surprising as they do cook up some great british food. So it was next door to taste what they can muster up! I think the look on my face said it all – fortunately, my eyes were not connected to my toungue and it actually tasted OK! :o) (see photo). Slices of Turkey breast (i think) sweetcorn, vegtables and stuffing down my neck within 10 minutes!! (no change there then!). I kept thinking about family back home sitting around the dinner table tucking into

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Halloween Scare Prank! – Michael Meyers Scaring People at a Movie Theatre!

Happy Halloween from JukinVideo! Scary Michael Meyers guy stand outside a movie theatre and pretends to be a mannequin, then jumps out and scares people when they least expect it!


3 year old Bella and 5 year old Sophia find the perfect pumpkin for Queen Twish of the Nutters Club on Youtube! No script was ever used. The girls improvised 😉 “Julianne Moore” says hi to Bella and Nalts calls Sophia one of the most famous little girls on the internet! Intro song written and sung for us by Sequoya! The Wizard of Oz: The Queen’s Present: The Last Unicorn: Invention: Star Wars Kids: Making The World A Better Place: The Annoying Sister: I’m On Strike Baby!: Beauty Is Not How Skinny You Can Be!: Dear Mommy: ————————————————————- Subscribe to Sophia and Bella and follow their adventures. They’ve been on Youtube since they were babies learning about art, making friends, raising money for charities and inspiring others from around the world. And please check out this playlist for our BEST OF full of hilarious baby videos, funny kids vlogs, movie parodies and digital short films, amazing drawing and painting videos, Sophia playing the violin, singing music videos, inspirational kids videos and educational art videos! Phew is that all? 😉 Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Business and Media Inquiries: ————————————————————- © by Mugglesam

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