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learning backflips on my bike

MY FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BLOG: Check out the article! http “When I heard that someone in my family owned a private, indoor foam pit, it was honestly hard to believe! I mean I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars flying around the country to find places like this, and if you’re an up and coming rider you know what I mean. Nice locations like this are rare. It was funny because literally the whole time I was growing up.. I remember always hearing we had a professional motocross rider in the family but for some reason, it didn’t really hit me until last Christmas (2009). I remember being on the phone with my Dad making plans for my visit and just before we ended the call, I had to ask. And as soon as I heard his response, I packed my bags, grabbed my ipod, put my bike in car and got on the road towards his house (4 hours from where I lived). Just the thought of getting to spend a few hours jumping into a foam pit, got me as excited as my early childhood memories of waking up on Christmas morning! I think the reason I enjoy foam pits so much is because the possibilities are endless! Anything you think of, you can try immediately! ..and not kill yourself, hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, you can still get pretty injured learning new moves (..and I normally do, haha), but there’s obviously a big difference between scrapes and bruises and broken bones or death. Some of the moves I was practicing that day were tricks like backflips
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Splish Splash Baby

Yes, I obviously know that this doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to Flowgo as you see on the bottom of the video. I don’t mean to claim this as mine! Lyrics: Splish Splash, I Was takin’ a bath. Long about a Saturday Night. A Rub… dub, Just fartin’ in the tub. thinkin’ everything was all right. Well, mom started screaming’, I Wondered what for I thought I only farted But I did somethin’ more And then a Splish splash, I left somethin’ in the bath, Well, how was I to know was more than fartin’ going on? There was a splishin’ and a splashin’, Pootin’ with a tootin’ Gruntin’ and a Dumpin’, Yeah! Bing bang, I saw the whole thang floatin’ By my little Rubber duck Flip flop, just spinnin’ like a top, I thought my mom might up chuck I Was brown and round like a baby ruth Good golly, said Mommy That’s some smelly poo. A Well a, Splish splash. She yanked me out the bath, And went and put my potty pants on. There was a splishin’ and a splashin’, Pootin’ with a tootin’ Gruntin’ and a Dumpin’, Yeah!
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SHAFA ULLAH KHAN ROKHRI tu chambay de buti dhola changhla

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